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New Diapers, Old Diapers: We All Scream for Cloth Diapers! March 30, 2011

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Holy moly are we busy over here!  I was going to write a post about my new-found obsession with baby-wearing, but I think I’ll have to save sharing that until next week. 

The Re-Diaper sale is three days away and between organizing consignment items, receiving new items we’ll be selling at the store, and telling multiple people, “No sorry, we can’t accept 200 items from you the morning of the sale,”  none of us have been able sit down for longer than a 5 minute time-period.   

It’s all so exciting though!  This will be my first-ever re-diaper sale experience and from what I’ve heard it is an absolute blast!  People from all over the state come to check out our awesome local vendors (PS: there is going to be so much great stuff for sale…get excited!) and add to their fluff collection for unbelievably low prices.  It’s a regular Fluff Frenzy!  People are dropping off ADORABLE, barely used diapers left-and-right…it’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to stop myself from buying brand-new bamboo fitteds priced at more than 50% off their original price.  Sure they’re only $8.00, but I don’t have kids and I’m not pregnant…so not only would it be a waste of money, it would also make me feel like a weirdo.

From our multitude of consigners, I’ve learned that cloth diaper users fall into three camps: those who do it for the cost factor, those who do it for the cuteness factor, and those who do it for a little bit of both.  I’ve seen moms drop off just a few covers and prefolds and boast that they diapered three kids for under $500 total.  Amazing! I say.  Then I got to bear witness to one mom who dropped off over 150 of the cutest, custom-made fitteds and wool covers and at least one of just about every pocket diaper brand you could imagine.  Seriously, this woman could open her own retail business and call it “Been Around the Bum: A Gently Used Cloth Diaper Store.” (She could probably think of a better name for it though).  All of us who were working at the store sat around ogling her consignment items after she dropped them off (but not for more than 5 minutes, mind you).  This woman was definitely not cloth diapering for economic reasons.  That being said, even if she broke even on the cost of cloth diapering her 6 kids vs. what she would have spent putting them in disposables, she’s about to make a boat-load of cash back from this sale.  So when it comes to cloth diapering, I guess even when you splurge you still save!

Well, I’ve been sitting for more than 5 minutes writing this, and there are diapers to be sorted.  Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!!!


One Response to “New Diapers, Old Diapers: We All Scream for Cloth Diapers!”

  1. Sara Says:

    I”m grabbin’ me some fitteds!! Can not wait!!!

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