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A First Time for Everything April 6, 2011

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The re-diaper sale was such a hoot!  It was so much fun to see all these parents care so much about what goes on their baby’s skin (natural materials) and what ends up in landfills (not their diapers), and save all kinds of money!  I especially enjoyed seeing new moms bring their moms to the event.  I saw a lot of jaws dropping that day as women who cloth diapered years ago saw what cloth diapering had become over the last couple decades.  Fuzzi Bunz got this whole modern cloth diaper movement started back in 1990 and there’s been no turning back since, and older moms were so amazed and impressed by the ease and accessibility that defined these newer styles. 

Wait, 1990 was two decades ago?!  How did that happen?  Now I feel old.

Anyway, moving on.  You know what else made my heart skip a beat this weekend at the sale?  Seeing all the couples.  So many parents shopping and planning for their baby, some with their first on the way, some with an entire brood waiting for them at home.  They all seemed so at ease and comfortable with each other.  Yes, we were busy and crowded and people had to wait in long lines, but all this love and excitement of welcoming a new little person into the world was shining through the congestion. 

I started thinking about how them being here all started with a first date.  There was the first glance, perhaps one that took their breath away immediately.  Or maybe there were years of friendship before the recognition that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together gradually crept upon them.  There was a first time one of them mustered up the courage to call the other, a first time they held each other’s hands, a first kiss.  After all those first times, there was the one and only time one asked the other if they would marry them.

It’s probably because it’s the time of the month where I’m wearing my Fuzzi Bunz mama cloth, but I got a little choked up thinking about how great it is to be in love.  In love with your husband.  In love with your wife.  In love with your child.  I started thinking about how even though there’s so much darkness in our world, people still fall in love enough to want to bring a child into it.  Not just because “they want to have a baby” or because their biological clock is ticking, but because they realize that love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.  The children who are shown unconditional love and support from their parents grow up to become adults that show unconditional love and support to others.  That’s something our world could use a little bit more of, I’d say. 

So yeah, I got all this from participating in a diaper consignment sale.  What can I say?  There must be a lot of love in cloth diaper stores…:)


2 Responses to “A First Time for Everything”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Beautiful post. Made me feel warm and fuzzy. AND feel grateful that I cloth diaper.

  2. Katie Says:

    Jenn said everything I wanted to say! Thank you Circle Me for providing everything you do for our area and world! 🙂

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