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Fluff at First Sight May 23, 2011

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Perhaps this is too lofty a goal, but I would really like to start cloth diapering my future kids from the very beginning.  I mean fresh out of the oven, before we leave the birth center, cloth and cloth alone will touch my baby’s bottom.  Challenging? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not.  And because I am such a stubborn weirdo, I’d really like to be able say things like “When my kids were little they never once wore a disposable diaper.”  As much as I’d like that to happen, I’m not sure I’ve met a single cloth diapering parent who has managed to avoid the dreaded we’re-visiting-distant-relatives/we’re-going-camping-for-the-week/we-messed-up-our-laundry-cycle-again and at least once had to resort to wearing a disposable.  If any of you have who are reading this, let me know: I’d love the inspiration!

So maybe I won’t be able to avoid using a sposie just once over the course of my child’s three-year stint with diapers, but I KNOW I can at least get the newborn diaper phase under control.  I think what intimidates people the most about diving in head-first (butt-first?) to cloth diapering their brand-new babies is the idea of the meconium tainting one of their gorgeous new diapers.  I concur.  Many manufacturers claim that the meconium won’t ruin your diapers, but that stuff is frighteningly unreal and I’m fairly certain that if it can damage a cotton t-shirt, it can damage a cotton diaper.   I tend to error on the side of caution when it comes to stuff like tar-poo, so luckily for me biodegradable liners were invented and are here to save the day.  These little God-sends line your diaper and protect it from things like aforementioned meconium and diaper creams, and clean up is easy as 1-2-3: (1) Fold liner over and pick up by the corners (2) Throw in toilet (3) Flush toilet.  Bing, bang, boom, done…and no dealing with trying to figure out how to scrape that yucky stuff out of your diaper.

Another thing I’ve heard people say is, “I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a newborn diaper that’s only going to last me a month before she/he grows out of it.”  This is a totally legit concern.  Not one that I may necessarily have to worry about, as both my and my husband’s families have a history of big, deliciously fat newborns (I’m actually more concerned with the possibility that I’ll eventually have to deliver a ten-pounder, but that’s neither here nor there).  That makes the problem easily solved for me or any one else who delivers bigger babies, as most one-size diapers fit 8-35+  pounders.  But fear not:  if you’re one that tends to deliver on the light side, Rumparooz OS pocket diapers fit all the way down to 6 pounds!  Hopefully you’re not going to deliver a baby that weighs too much less than 6 pounds, but plenty of beautiful, healthy children are born at that weight or less and if that does end up being the case for you, then newborn diapers will be there to help you out.  Since they go from 4 pounds all the way up to 12, they will last your little blessing for a nice long while.   The cool part is that since they will be worn for a shorter amount of time, your resale value on them will be incredibly high (if you’re done having babies) or they’ll be in like-new for the next one (if you’re not).  And I’m sorry but how unbelievably cute is this?:

This is the Lil’ Joeys by Rumparooz, a no-hassle all-in-one that even has a precious snap-down button to make room for the umbilicle cord stump.  So yes, with this option you’ll spend about $15 per diaper and only be able to wear it for about three months, but between the resale price you’ll be able to charge or the low cost-per-use you’ll be able to get by using them on multiple children, it ends up being a money-saver.  Another solution for wee-babies is to go the fitted route, especially the Thirsties brand.  Their Size One Fab Fitted goes from 6 to 18 pounds and will fit for a nice, long time 🙂  If you deliver a baby that weighs less than 4 pounds, then no one is going to fault you for not giving a flip what diaper is being used on your baby: chances are your priorities are going to be elsewere.

So wish me luck.  If their fluff-obsessed mother gets her way, my babies’ brand-new tushies will never know what it feels like to sit in a disposable diaper.


2 Responses to “Fluff at First Sight”

  1. Nancy Says:

    We used cloth from the get-go. When they took our daughter to weigh her and all of that after she was born they did put a disposable diaper on her but that was the only one – ever! The nurses at Bryan LGH were very supportive and while they weren’t totally comfortable doing it themselves, they were totally fine letting us do it. (They were worried they’d mess something up.) My husband took a load of diapers home half way through our stay. We did have some stains but the sun (that we luckily had in February this year!) took those stains right out of our BumGenius XS AIOs. The Kissaluvs held onto the stains quite a bit more but a little lemon juice helped a ton. We just threw it all in the washer. Cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse.

    There was definitely a learning curve. We had to figure out how to use our prefolds. We had to figure out how tight we could get the diapers without cutting off circulation to something important. We had a few leaks those first few days, but we got the hang of it after a bit. I was glad that we had a wide variety of cloth to try. If something didn’t work very well we pushed it aside and tried something else. My only complaint is that many of the newborn diapers that are supposed to accommodate the cord didn’t really do that very well. It was annoying but we worked with it (or around it). As it turned out, our favorite newborn diapers were Monkey Snuggles newborn fitteds with Thirsties size xs or Thirsties Duo size 1 covers.

    When she outgrew the newborn sizes we were able to sell them for only a couple dollars less than we had paid for them and bought our new stash of the next size up. It was a bit of an investment but we had 9 months to buy a little here, a little there. I love not having to buy diapers and wipes every time we go to the store. I love not having an extra bag of trash each week to ship off to the landfill. I love that my baby isn’t wrapped in chemicals all day long.

    We are very happy with our decision to use cloth from the get-go. She’s only been in one disposable diaper her entire life. 🙂 We’re very happy about that. It’s much more doable than most would expect. Trips, long days out, etc. – we can handle it because we’re committed. We don’t let diapers scare us! (and we have good wetbags) 🙂

    • That’s fantastic Nancy! Thanks for sharing your experiences and showing that cloth diapering from the start is totally possible. Now I really can’t wait for this kid to get here 🙂

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