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Wooly Love (and how you can win a free soaker!) June 4, 2011

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Sokay: I’m not sure if I have yet described my love affair with wool covers.  It seems crazy that wool could adequately protect furniture and bed sheets from leaky diapers, but it does…incredibly well, as a matter fact.  Once wool is lanolized, it acts a waterproof yet breathable fabric, making it the perfect cover for nighttime and a full-proof system for even the heaviest of wetters.  It makes me feel good knowing that it is a 100% natural fabric, so even if my baby ends up having sensitive skin it won’t act as an irritant and lead to rashes (unless of course the little guy ends up being allergic to wool.  Then my plans are foiled and I’ll probably even cry a little).  Add to that the low maintenance factor (wool need only be washed once a week to once every two weeks or if poop gets on it; it’s naturally anti-microbial) and the adorable factor, and you’ve got yourself one perfect cover!  The craziest part is, because of it’s naturally occurring properties, it will actually keep your kid cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The biggest (and perhaps only) turn off when it comes to wool is cost.  Wool covers can get rather pricey, ranging anywhere from $20 up to $50 (I’m sure there’s some crazy, custom-made $200 cover out there that I just haven’t come across yet).  Definitely worth the investment, but for those of you who really want to try wool but just can’t pony up the dough, there is an answer to your problem: The Sleepy Sheep.  A Work-At-Home-Mom business based in Louisville, NE, Sarah from The Sleepy Sheep will custom make gorgeous and functional wool covers for any size baby, toddler or even adult (because of its trimness, wool makes a great cover for adults suffering from incontinence).  Her turn around time is super quick, and because she loves what she does and truly cares about each and every one of her customers, she is an absolute delight to work with!  Yet another bonus: her costs are ridiculously low.  The covers from her that we sell at circle ME are as low as $11.00, and most are well under $20.  She uses up-cycled sweaters (this über crunchy mama loves it!) and doesn’t have to pay any employees or compensate for overhead or advertising, so all her savings get transferred to you!

I’ve got even better news:  Brynn’s Boutique (another amazing WHAM business) is hosting a Sleepy Sheep Giveaway!  Go to this link to find out how to enter to win a soaker from The Sleepy Sheep.

Here you can also see adorable pics of beautiful Brynn in a custom made wool skirtie from The Sleepy Sheep, and very helpful wool care and maintenence instructions.  Good luck all you wool-lovers out there!


One Response to “Wooly Love (and how you can win a free soaker!)”

  1. Sara Says:

    You guys are so awesome! I had no idea you’d be jumping in to say such nice things about my items!!! I really do try!!! I do heart me some Circle ME!!

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