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Doing Laundry Au Natural June 6, 2011

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I’ve discovered I love being wrong.  Not when it comes to debates with my husband, mind you.  In those instances I very much enjoy being right.  But when it comes to thinking a product can’t possibly work because it’s a) natural and b) inexpensive,  I am happy to realize I am sorely mistaken.

For example, at first I was quite content with my dryer sheets and didn’t care that they were composed of an assortment of chemicals and additives I couldn’t pronounce.  They made my clothes soft and fluffy and even glazed them in a flower-simulated scent that I very much enjoyed.  But when the itchy skin and sudden breakouts started happening, I attributed it to everything but what I was putting on my clothes and bedding during the laundry process.  At the recommendation of a dermatologist, I cut out dairy, soy, peanuts, bananas and anything else that might be causing my breakouts and rashes.  I spent tons of money on pricey body lotion and face washes that temporarily soothed the dryness and bumps, but didn’t do much to combat them for good.  I was at my wit’s end when a holistic-minded, somewhat crunchy friend suggested that all my problems could be attributed to my dryer sheets.  She said children are especially sensitive to them, but people can develop allergies to their ingredients at any point in adulthood as well.  Well, alright fine…but what on earth am I supposed to do about my clothes?  I’ve dried them before when I’ve run out of dryer sheets and they take FOREVER to dry and come out so stactic-y they could stick to the wall. 

Enter dryer balls.  When I first heard of them I figured they might help my clothes dry just as fast, but wouldn’t do much to ward off static of make them nice and soft.  Alas, I was desperate, so I figured $10 for two balls wasn’t too risky of a gamble.  This is that moment I previously mentioned where I discovered I love being wrong.  Not only did these little guys get my laundry dry in a mere 30 minutes, they made my clothes oh-so-soft and there was no hint of bothersome static!  I felt pretty swell when I realized that I just spent the same amount of money on a product that would last me a couple of years as I would have on dryer sheets that would only last me a few months.   And the best part:  my skins rashes are gone.  Sweet relief!  I still have my lovely acne outbreaks every now and then…like five days out of every month…but I suppose there’s only so much you can do when your body is subject to the whims of drastic hormonal changes. 

I love saving money.  I love having soft skin and clothes. I love my dryer balls.  (And if you live anywhere near Lincoln, know that circle ME now carries the Dryer Max brand dryer balls for the low price of $9.99 per pair 🙂 ).


One Response to “Doing Laundry Au Natural”

  1. Cassondra Says:

    i love dryer balls too! i had been only using 1 and i got a second one in the mail the other day. two totally different scents though! lol. pink sugar vs. lavender. … hm … i wont mix those!

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