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A Little Good Advice Really Pays Off. June 11, 2011

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I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!  The reality of the situation is just barely beginning to sink in, but the hubs and I are pretty elated to say the least.  Parenthood truly wasn’t in our plans for anytime in the near future, but if I’ve learned anything of real value it’s that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.  I’m pretty sure though that even if you’re actively trying NOT to get pregnant, all you have to do is drink a glass of tap water at circle ME…have you seen the number of pregnant women working here?!  It’s contagious.  Before any pregnancy test confirmed my fears joy, however, I knew something was different back in early April.  I had this sudden visceral connection to my strength as woman, a spiritual awareness of my connection to our Earth Mother and a keen sensation that my body was somehow paving the way to embark on the most magical, miraculous journey of a lifetime.  That and I was constipated. 

So, sure enough, on April 12th at 3:42 in the morning I peed on a stick and learned my first baby would be coming to meet us in 9 short months.  Oddly enough, my first thought was, “Well, I’ll finally have a little street cred when it comes to giving parenting advice.”  I was half asleep.  But then I got really excited and woke my husband up to share the news! 

We had our 12 week appointment a week ago and heard a good, strong heart beat on the doppler.  Our midwife offered to give us a non-formal ultrasound so we could see if it even slightly resembled a human yet, and it did!  The head to torso ratio was 1:1, but by golly it was cute!  And it was ACTIVE!  It was literally swimming from one side of the amniotic sac to the other, flipping and wiggling all over the place.  Not even out of the womb and already a ham for the camera…I love this kid!  Our baby looked like it had ants in its pants.   Ha!  Wouldn’t that be hilarious if he had tiny little pants on in there? Ahhhh…I’ve had a really hard time sleeping the past few weeks, so unfortunately my sense of humor is regressing pretty severely.

Anyway, this is certainly a whole new world for me.  The first trimester was a bit of an ordeal: I could barely keep anything down besides tortilla chips and pickle juice, which in turn caused a great amount of stress.  I thought for sure I was going to give this kid spina bifida or something horrible because all I could eat was salty, empty calories.  Then I started stressing because I was stressed, thinking that my anxiety would turn my child into a neurotic, high-strung worrier!  The books I read were no help either.  After leafing through one chapter of What to Expect When You’re Expecting I felt the book should be subtitled A Detailed Account of Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong With Your Pregnancy.  Enjoy!  I thought merely laying off booze, cigarettes and crack-cocaine would be enough to support a healthy womb environment, but I was learning I couldn’t be more wrong!  I began to think that even the slightest bit of caffeine would send my unborn child spiralling into a speed addiction, and that coming within 80 feet of a cat would cause it to sprout a second head.

My mother, bless her heart, reassured me that the baby was fine and that I just needed to relax.  She reminded that there will always be something to worry about when your child is involved and if I didn’t learn to chill out I’d have an aneurism before the kid got to college.  Breeeeaaaaaathhhhhe.

My mama, like all good moms I’m sure, have some truly sound parenting advice to share with expectant parents.  And I’d say from this post it’s pretty obvious that I could use some good, sound pregnancy and parenting advice.  So Bo Bryson, owner of Trinity Chiropractic and husband to circle ME’s owner Jennifer (who’s also expecting…told you!  It’s the tap water!) came up with a super fun idea:  come in to circle ME any time we’re open from Monday, June 13th – Monday the 20th with your best advice for me written on a piece of paper.  That printed advice will act as coupon good for 15% off your entire purchase that day!  You can bet that some of my favorites will end up on this blog 🙂


One Response to “A Little Good Advice Really Pays Off.”

  1. monica Says:

    Congratulations!! I just had to laugh about you taking your home preg test at 3:42am. I woke at 1:30am to pee on a stick back in October. I woke my husband (who was very crabby until I told him why he was being woken up at such time) to tell him the news, he cried, I was shaking nervous, and we both layed there wide awake for the rest of the night. We are now ‘due’ tomorrow and I lay awake at night wondering when will I get to meet this little person.

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