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The Art of Couponing July 5, 2011

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We have a brand-new, one-time only class coming to circle ME this Saturday all about saving hundreds of dollars with coupons!   Based on the amount of people registering, it’s safe to say that our customers are pumped!  I certainly will be sticking my head in as much as possible while simultaneously working the front of the store, as I could use a lesson in how to save money (I recently spent the better half of a paycheck at Motherhood Maternity…I felt like a fashionable sucker afterwards).

The part that sounds most exciting is that the wonderful woman teaching the class, Beth Swihart, doesn’t devote all her free time to scouring newspapers and the internet for deals, yet still saves hundreds.  I was able to sit through about half an episode of Extreme Couponing before I started getting the shakes from watching a woman dumpster dive with her children and best friend in an attempt to find coupons that others had thrown away.  Saving money is wonderful, but once couponing crosses the line into obsessive-compulsive behaviors I’m not convinced it’s worth it.  And I know several mothers who would rather spend time with their family than clip coupons and dig around in the trash, so parts of that show make “Super Couponing” seem unrealistic for the average person.

Beth emailed me a little bit about her background and a couple of her finest moments in couponing:

About a year and a half ago I took a basic couponing class with a friend of mine. I learned in that short hour and a half that although I thought I was a pretty good shopper (buying generic brand or lower quality items that were better priced), I realized that I was spending way more than I should have been and for less quality than my family deserved. I started clipping coupons and shopping sales and finding websites to help me save even more.  After a couple of months I realized I was saving almost $200 a month and buying better food for my family and more of it and developing a nice stockpile of toiletries and dried goods. 

 I’ve had a couple of really good shopping trips.  I spent $3.84 on a bill that was originally $229.61.  That was a lot of fun!  Another (time was) with the girls I usually shop with. Between 4 full grocery carts we spent $54.19 and saved $849.05.

 Couponing has become a money-making hobby for me and I spend less than an hour a week clipping coupons. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others!

Check out to learn more about this class and other FREE classes circle ME is offering for the month of July!  Don’t forget to register if you’re interested in attending 🙂



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