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You Can Help With Cloth! July 8, 2011

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circle ME is hosting a cloth diaper drive in an effort to help members of CrossBridge Church on their mission trip to Lira, Uganda.  They will be helping in a children’s village run by Children of the Nations (COTN).  COTN focuses on ministering to orphaned and destitute children, and nurturing them so that they might one day transform the current condition of their nation.

LaTava of CrossBridge Church reached out to us for help in providing much needed supplies, namely cloth diapers!  Right now, the babies of Lira are using rags as diapers because they do not have access to the proper materials to make their own diapers, nor do they have the financial means to purchase current modern cloth (or even disposable) diapers.  We were initially just going to donate a great number of prefolds, flats and covers, but we realized sponsoring a diaper drive could enable us to help even more babies!

So here’s the breakdown: come into circle ME during business hours between now and Wednesday, July 20th with new or used flats, prefolds and/or covers and for every diaper you donate, circle ME will match your donation up to 150 diapers!!!  We are so excited to have this opportunity to help those who do not (yet) have the means to help themselves.  Don’t have used dipes to donate?  Come on in and purchase some new ones and we’ll prep and wash them prior to donating them to the missionaries 🙂  For less than $10.00, you can provide a clean and healthy diapering option to children who live day in and day out without easy access to food, clean water and medical care.  Most of them were orphaned at a very young age.  It’s a small way to help, but we are honored to be a part of their mission in any way we can.  For more info on the missionaries and their outreach programs, you can visit their blog.

“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.” – Henry Drummond


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